Dear Michael,

I am using Pymol 1.2r3pre and APBS 1.2, all installed via FINK in my Mac (10.6.2).

I start pymol, build a TRP, call apbs plugin, set grid, run apbs and I can see surface and all, but when trying your commands below, pymol-generated doesn't exist for me.

Either I am doing something wrong or I don't have the right version of Pymol and/or Apbs.

May you clarify me here? This addition to the plugin would be very welcome.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi all,

Someone recently asked me if there was a way to display field lines with
PyMOL or with an external plugin. Here's what I wrote:

It turns out that PyMOL recently grew the ability to display field lines.
After you've run APBS, you'll have a map object called pymol-generated. Try
this series of commands from the PyMOL prompt:

gradient my_grad, pymol-generated
ramp_new my_grad_ramp, pymol-generated
color my_grad_ramp, my_grad

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