Hi I am trying to use python from inside of the idle (IDLE) IDE that is part of the MacPython 2.5.2 additional packages as IDLE.app.
The reason I want to do this is because I really want to get an IDE ( integrated development environment ) with good code completion on all modules including maybe pymol.

In any case when I do the following (see attached png)

1) Start IDLE and then in the IDLE shell I do
2)  Import my fink python after adding it to my path

        import sys
        import pymol

After that command I see that the idle Python shell waits for a little bit and then I see  =====restart==== .and no pymol window appears
Also when I try running pymol.finish_launching()

It says pymol is not defined.

I have tried reading some of the posts about how the import pymol method is the least supported method for launching pymol. I should add that on my setup i.e Leopard 10.5.2 with fink pymol-py25 the above approach works from a standalone script as well as from a python interactive shell from terminal.app or Item.app . Sadly both of these dont have popup code completion..

But I was wondering if there is some way to have my cake and eat it too and interact with pymol from within an IDLE shell window.

Hari Jayaram