Hello to the PyMOL mailing list,
this is my first post.

I need to ask if there is some reason for which PyMOL fails to export a good idtf file from a small molecule visualized as sticks. In this case, neither IDTFConverter nor MeshLab (under Linux and Windows) can convert the file in an u3d file, because these two programs reject the PyMOL idtf output, reporting an error.

Different if I export the idtf from Jmol: in this case, the file is dozens of times bigger in size than PyMOL's output, and the u3d is generated without errors with sticks representation.

I noticed that, only when the style is set to cartoon (for proteins, not small molecules), the idtf file is good, but always without any other graphic representation different from the cartoon. Is this a limit for PyMOL idtf exporter, for which an implementation is required?

Thanks a lot,

Riccardo Volpe

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