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The answer is yes to all.

fetch 1ubq, state=3
fetch 6lzm, state=10

The representations (e.g. surface) do have states in the sense that the each state gives a different surface. But whether the surface is shown or not is controlled globally. It is not possible to have the surface representation only in one state, such that looping over the states, the surface would suddenly pop up for one. 

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On Mon, Jun 3, 2013 at 2:38 PM, Robert Hanson <hansonr@stolaf.edu> wrote:

Can two objects be in two different states -- object1 in state 3 and object2 in state 10, for instance, at the same time? If so, how is that set up? How is that then incorporated into a scene?

Do CGO, measurements, mesh, and volume objects have states as well?


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