Hi Shane,

I've been playing with a virus 60mer on an intel core i7 workstation with 6Gb memory with good response. Just make sure you use the latest incentive or open source version and have a good graphics card.



On Jun 14, 2012 11:49 PM, "Shane Neeley" <shane.neeley@gmail.com> wrote:


Does anyone use pymol for very large structures, such as a full virus 60-mer capsid? If so, what processing power, memory, graphics card, etc. do you need to render these large files and manipulate them without any slowing? PyMol takes about 1 minute to think after trying to spin one of these full capsids, and that is on a dual-core 8gb ram laptop. 

Is a 12-core mac like this overkill?

Has anyone built other machines to do this sort of work? 

Appreciate your input,

Shane Neeleu

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