Hi Niyaz,

You can install a version of Gromacs yourself. The script detects which version is active (and installs one if none is found). 



On Thu, Aug 28, 2014 at 2:09 AM, niyaz.sabir <niyaz.sabir@gmail.com> wrote:
Dear PyMol Users,
I am a PyMol-Gromacs plugin ( http://www.pymolwiki.org/index.php/GROMACS_Plugin) user and find the plugin great.
I used to use Ubuntu 10.04 OS and the plugin did not work on it. I could manage to run the plugin only on Ubuntu 12.04 and higher.
The reason was not the kernel since your soft works nice on Ubuntu 12.04 with old kernel. The problem is probably in Gromacs version.
PyMol plugin works with Gromacs 4.5.5 and Gromacs version of Ubuntu Lucid is v.4.0.7
My computer is rather slow, 2.66 GHz, 4 Gb RAM with 1 node processor and I would therefore like to keep using Ububntu 10.04 instead of moving to Ubuntu 12 -14.
Is there any possibility to make PyMol Gromacs plugin work on  Ubuntu 10.04 ?
Does anybody know how to ovecome the problem ?
Thank you in advance for your answer,
Sincerely ,
Niyaz Safarov, PhD.

Dept of Biophysics and Molecular Biology,
Baku State University,
Baku, Azerbaijan Republic

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