I'm sorry but this is too complected. Currently, I can't afford the time to learn another scripting  languish. Consider gnuplot script files, which are simply a list of gnuplot commands. Sure you can do some sophisticated stuff but you don't have to. All my files will be simple atom list in xyz format (name \t x \t y \t z), and all I want to do is select all the atoms of a certain name, color them and then rotate the system.

Once again, I thank you for any help.

2011/9/11 Troels Emtekær Linnet <>
Well, not hard.

I made a script that can rotate a molecule around a line.
And I made a large tutorial to take one through the available functions of this script.
It is a pymol command file, ".pml".

Check out:

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2011/9/11 Yotam Avital <>

How hard it is to write a (python?) script that will rotate the figure and color some atoms? Nothing fancy... I searched a little bit but couldn't find a quick and dirty tutorial for script writing. 


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