Thank you!

Does it possible to include
order *, yes

to some pymol's setting file that the ordering  be automatically each time when I load pdb ensemble? (I dont what to include it to the loadDir.pml script itself).


2013/4/2 Thomas Holder <>
Hi James,

please try, after loading the files:

PyMOL> order *, yes


James Starlight wrote, On 04/02/13 19:28:
> Pete,
> thanks for suggestion.
> I've tried to use loadDir with the pdb's subset where each file had name
> like 001.pdb 002.pdb ... 055.pdb but when the sotring have been still
> wrong :(
> also is loadDir script I found block
>         for c in glob( g ):
>                 cmd.load(c)
>                 if ( group != None ):
>                group, basename(c).split(".")[0], "add" )
> what should I change here to sort files correctly?
> James

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