Check this, and tell if it works.

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2011/8/25 Bjoern-oliver Gohlke <>
The error I get is from the following command:
super 1A9U, mesh
 ExecutiveAlign: invalid selections for alignment.

I think that the problem is that I try to align the mesh points with an protein.
In my understanding, I need this one to run the get_object matrix command.
Or do I understand something in the wrong manner??

Zitat von Troels Emtekær Linnet <>:

Can you provide the error message?

2011/8/25 Bjoern-oliver Gohlke <>


I actual try to get the coordinates of the mesh from a protein/selection.

At first I run the following command:
open("pymol.mesh","w").write( cmd.get_povray()[1] )

There I get points shifted by one axis or something like that.
Then somebody here from the mailinglist tells me that I have to use
I read in the Wiki how to use this command.
But when I try to run the example with my points and the protein I
always get an error.
Can sombody help me, or tell me what I do wrong??

Thanks in advance,

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