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2012/1/16 Takanori Nakane <>
Dear Pymol users,

I wrote a Pymol script to export a scene in Pymol to GLmol,
a molecular viewer for Web browsers written in WebGL/Javascript.
With this script, you can publish your Pymol scene for Web page.
Visitors can rotate, zoom the molecule on the page.

Compared to exporting polygon coordinates (VRML or Object3D),
published pages contain only atomic coordinates so that
the file size is much smaller and visitors can even change

Examples and script can be downloaded from my web page.

This script uses (undocumented?) "cmd.get_session" to
extract which representation is enabled on each part of the molecule.
I think this technique is useful for many purposes, for example,
writing exporters, copying representations between aligned
structures, etc.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.
If you think this script useful, I will put it on Pymol wiki.

Best regards,

Takanori Nakane

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