Dear PyMolers.
Reading crystallographic papers, and feeling the
need for seing a papers annotation and explanation of important residues,
I often have pymol at my hand.
fetching the protein, and typing in commands to see the mentioned residues.
That is time-consuming, but okay.
Inspired by John Amraph's need for a "preset.lig​and_cartoo​n", when loadning
a paper, I would wish there were a: "preset.as_article" or a "fetch 1SVN, as_article".
Simply a pymol script file that fetch the protein, shows it as cartoon, and selecting/labelling/showing the
mentioned important residues in the article. Or the catalytic triad, the substrate channels... etc.
You get the point. :-)
So, does anyone know there already exist such a databank/annotation server?
If it exist, could one make a script that can fetch and convert these annotations to a pymol script?
Or if doesnt exist, would it be a interesting project to pursue?
Troels Emtekær Linnet
PhD student
SBiNLab, Copenhagen University