I am trying to use a glut timer to run a personalized chunk of code compiled with PyMOL (v0.99). My code modifies the PyMOL global object. When my glut timer is set to fire often (for example 100 times/sec) , it only fires 5 times/sec while PyMOL is idle. When a glut event is raised (such as a mouse down in the glut window) it fires at 50 times/sec. This suggests to me that there is a sleep function somewhere to free up the CPU or give tcl/tk some time, and a glut event can interrupt that sleep. I need to have my function fire more than 5 times/sec while idle and do not need to free up the CPU. I hope to either mimic the interrupt that glut events are doing, or eliminate the sleep altogether. I've looked for the sleep call responsible, but I can't locate it. I've checked all sleeps in the layer1/P.c and layer5/main.c files. Is there somewhere PyMOL is sleeping, and/or am I barking up the wrong tree looking for a sleep?

Any help is appreciated,

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