That’s a bit odd: usually it either works or it doesn’t.  Working for 20 seconds at a time may indicate defective hardware (projector, emitter, graphics card, connector, dead battery, etc.). 


But as a first test, pease try using some other stereo-3D-capable software (e.g. VMD or Chimera) in order to make certain that the problem is not due to PyMOL itself.





From: Roger Rowlett []
Sent: Tuesday, September 29, 2009 9:58 AM
Subject: [PyMOL] DepthQ configuration in a classroom setting


Has anyone on the board configured a DepthQ projector for classroom use, i.e. using a ceiling-mounted projector. Our IT department has recently installed a DepthQ projector in a classroom-type setting, and it displays stereo Pymol images for about 20 seconds, then loses sync. My configuration is the following:

Intel WinXP PC with Quadro 3700 running NVidia driver 191.00
Stereo "ON" enabled in the Global settings of the Nvidia Control panel
DepthQ installed as only graphical display device (currently)
Screen resolution set to the native resolution of the DepthQ projector
I'm running a recent version (1.2) of Pymol

I assume that to get a second monitor display of the DepthQ projector I should attach a VGA cable to the "video out" port of the DepthQ and run that to an appropriate LCD monitor.

Am I missing anything? I'm wondering if the video cabling is too long or inappropriate, causing the sync dropouts, or if I have missed something really elementary in the Nvidia configuration. At this point, I'm considering breaking down the classroom installation and testing the computer and projector on the bench.



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