Can you wait a week or two?   This sort of thing is about to get 100X easier in PyMOL...


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I would like to create a movie where my molecules are moving at the same time that the camera is moving in/around/though them.

I have been using Slerpy to get the movement effects that i would like but I would also like to make the molecules undergo translation/rotation functions relative to one another. Slerpy also has this capability but limited for what I would like to do.  Using the  Slerpy 'saction' command I can have the option to change elements in the scene but then Slerpy will interpolate 50 frames until the next shot and I don't get to coordinate my molecular movements with my camera movements. I can approach this if I shorten the default frame number in slerpy (take steps of 5 or something like that) but then I don't get to take advantage of Slerpy's smooth camera motion.

Although there may be many ways to do what I would like to do, does anyone have any experience with outputting the view matrix  (get_view)  for each of slerpy's camera positions? If so,  I could do a dry run with Slerpy, use get_view to output the view matrix and then combine each view with a rotate/translate function in order to get the effect I am looking for. The only problem is that I haven't figured out how to do that. Perhaps someone on this list already has?

Hmmm. I think the most logical way would be if there were some script that could get_view for each frame of the final movie. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

zach cp

Thank You Warren; Pymol is a great program and the PyMolWiki has become a fantastic resource for newbies.

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