I'm trying to use the APBS plugin with PyMOLHybridX11 running on Mac OS X, but I keep encountering the following error when I use an externally generated PQR (generated using pdb2pqr).

ObjectMapLoadDXFile-Error: Unable to open file!
ObjectMapLoadDXFile: Does 'pymol-generated.dx' exist?

[pymol-generated.dx does not exist in the temporary file location]

I don't get this error message when I use PyMOL generated PQR, but I do get a different error message telling me to use another PQR).

Googling this error message comes up with several postings describing the same error, but none of the comments or solutions have helped me.

I know that I was able to use the APBS plugin with PyMOLHybridX11 a few months ago, but I'm not sure what's different now.

Setup:  Mac OS X 10.6, PyMOLHybridX11 1.2r2 or 1.2r3
same problem on both a Mac Pro and on a MacBook Pro.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



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