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A linear polymer is likely to apparent when you look at a large number of symmetry mates. Looking at lots of symmetry mates in cartoon view is quite intensive and can be slow unless you have a powerful graphics card - if you show the first molecule as 'ribbon' and then generated symmetry mates it can lead to a better viewing experience.

If you tell me the pdb code I can have a look.

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Dear pymol users,

I want to operate a structure whose crystal structure has one molecule in one asymmetry unit. I try to display its  polymer. I loaded the structure and used "generate" command in the pymol GUI interface:  A>generate>symmetry mates>4A, and then many copies of this molecure appeared but in a quite disoder pattern. According to the paper that published this structure, it is a polymer arranged in a linear pattern. Could you tell me how can I display this linear polymer? Thanks in advance.

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