This email is directed towards users of Chemical Computing Group's "Molecular Operating Environment" (MOE) as well as other molecular modeling suites (e.g. Maestro, Sybyl, Discovery Studio, GROMACS, etc.).
As announced previously, our precompiled beta builds of PyMOL 1.0 (now beta 25 ) have native support for reading ".MOE" (dot-MOE) files, making it much easier for you to share MOE molecular modeling results using PyMOL.
Together with CCG, we would like as much feedback as possible on this new feature.  Also, we would also like to know where it is being tested and/or used, so that we can appropriately prioritize joint effort supporting this capability in the future.
Thus, if you are currently making use of the PyMOL ".MOE" reader, or if you think someone in your company or lab will likely make use of it, please drop us an email (assuming you haven't done so already).  To the extent that this feature matters to you, we need to know it.
On the other hard, if you mainly use another another molecular modeling suite and would like to see PyMOL support its file format natively as well, please drop us an email to that effect. 
Thank you for your feedback! 
DeLano Scientific LLC