I am trying to display a GRASP surface that I have been given. I would like to use PyMol.


Currently the file has an .srf extension, which is unrecognized by PyMol. Ive tried changing the extension to .phi in case that helps but this crashes PyMol with a segmentation error. Any suggestions for how to get it loaded into PyMol? The file loads successfully into VMD and SwissPDB, but neither of them can deal with the second subtlety: I wish to colour the surface not by the electrostatic field in the GRASP file, but by the second value for each element. Having loaded the grasp surface how to you get it to colour by the second value rather than the electrostatic field?


So in summary:


1)     how do I load a grasp surface

2)     how do I colour it by field two, instead of electrostatics field?


Many thanks




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