Thank you all for your kind help.

From the info I got, there are two choices, one is the IIyama HM204DT, another is viewsonic P225f. IIyama HM204DT is SUPER in all features, but I could not find a seller in US, seems it is popular in Europe but nobody is selling that in US?! That is really sad. So I guess I have to go to viewsonic p225f(b). But before I place the order, I would like to ask your opinion again about a sgi monitor? Would it be a better choice to select a sgi monitor? Or it would be more troublesome when put them all together?


Thank you very much again


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Hi Jie Yang,

it's getting harder to buy a stereo-capable CRT monitor with all the fancy TFTs. One monitor that I know to be still available is the iiyama Vision Master Pro 514 (HM204DT). It is a 22'' CRT with a maximum horizontal refresh rate of 140 kHz (!) and a maximum vertical refresh rate of 200 Hz, that I use for stereo (1280x960 at 120 Hz). There might be still some other stereo-capable monitors available . . .

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Dirk Kostrewa.

jieyang@ucsd.edu wrote:

I am a new user of pymol, I have learned a lot from the pymol list. Thank you all.

Now I am trying to set up a hardware stereo viewing system on a PC running windows XP. I read the pymol list, and got some idea of installing hardware on window XP system, which is to get a nVidia graphic card FX3200 (which I already have now), and a CRT monitor with fast refresh rate (>100), like NEC -multisync FP2141SB-BK, as suggested by Pymol users. But I just found out that this model is discontinued now. I am wondering who can suggest another monitor(s) for this purpose? any suggestions, warnings, recommendations on this issue is highly appreciated.


Thank you.

Jie Yang



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