compiling under Mac OS X

  • Andrew Dalke
    Andrew Dalke

    I had to change two things to compile pymmlib for Mac.

    pdbmodule.c uses "strnlen" twicce, which is a GNU/Linux
    extension.  It is not available on Mac or other BSD machines, I think.  My hack fix was to change them
    into simple "strlen" calls.

    The looks for various required libraries.

    def find_lib_paths(library, include):
        shared_lib = "" % (library)
        static_lib = "lib%s.a" % (library)

    The shared library extension for a Mac is "dylib".
    My workaround was to change ".so" into ".dylib".
    A better solution might be to use the equivalent
    functions from the distutils packages.  I see there
    is a "distutils.unixccompiler" which implements
    a "find_library_file".  That might be useful.

      -- Andrew Dalke

    • Jay Painter
      Jay Painter

      Thanks, Andrew.  I don't have access to a OSX box, so it's hard for me to trouble shoot such problems.  Any chance you  can clue me in to how to get to compile on OSX?