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PyLucid / News: Recent posts

PyLucid CMS v0.9 **release**

After a long time, we released PyLucid CMS in Version v0.9!

The main goals are:
* internationalization and localization support (Multilingual content)
* Multi site support (Allows a single installation to serve multiple websites.)
* Revision controlled content

Please follow the install instruction on our Homepage: http://www.pylucid.org/

A DEMO page is also available here: http://demo.pylucid.net/

Posted by Jens Diemer 2010-10-12

PyLucid v0.9.0beta will be release between 17

PyLucid v0.9.0beta will be release between 17 till 20 November 2009!

More info in the forum thread: http://www.pylucid.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=309

Posted by Jens Diemer 2009-11-15

PyLucid v0.8.7 **released**

I release a bugfixed PyLucid v0.8.7 Version!

The lite version contains:
* TinyMCE Revision 1250
* python-creole Revision 39

The full version:
* django trunk Revision 11624 (Contains the bugfix for the last security vulnerability, see: http://www.djangoproject.com/weblog/2009/oct/09/security/ )
* pygments

=== Download:

* Full: https://sourceforge.net/projects/pylucid/files/1.stable/v0.8.7/PyLucid_v0.8.7full.zip/download
* Lite: https://sourceforge.net/projects/pylucid/files/1.stable/v0.8.7/PyLucid_v0.8.7lite.zip/download... read more

Posted by Jens Diemer 2009-10-15

PyLucid v0.8.6RC1 *released*

PyLucid v0.8.6RC1 *released*

Download: https://sourceforge.net/project/platformdownload.php?group_id=146328

Please report bugs. We need more developer.

* Forum: http://www.pylucid.org/phpBB2/
* IRC: #pylucid on freenode.net!
* Jabber: pylucid@conference.jabber.org


Posted by Jens Diemer 2009-03-31

PyLucid v0.8.5RC1 *release*

I add the current PyLucid dev snapshot. Please try it and report bugs ;)

Posted by Jens Diemer 2008-09-01

blog plugin for pylucid...

i started to implement a simple blog system as a pylucid plugin.

More info:


Posted by Jens Diemer 2008-07-15

new trac URL!

Posted by Jens Diemer 2008-06-20

PyLucid v0.8.5pre1 released...

I released a new test version. It's a SVN trunk export from Rev.1647: http://pylucid.net:8080/pylucid/browser/trunk?rev=1647

Please test it and report bugs!

Changes, see:

Posted by Jens Diemer 2008-06-13

PyLucid v0.8.0 stable *release*

After a long time, we released the first django Version of PyLucid CMS.
This is the first stable release, after the big django modification ;)


PyLucid is a free content management system. It is written in Python using the Django Web framework.

PyLucid has a web based installer, so the user need no shell account. It's works on a standard webserver with Python (at least v2.4) CGI and one of the supported database engines (MySQL, SQLite3, Postgre, Oracle and MS-SQL). It's hight customizable via the powerful django template engine and CSS. It support a Plugin API and has some interesting build in Plugins (a file manager, RSS etc.)... read more

Posted by Jens Diemer 2008-02-14

PyLucid v0.8.0 RC 2 *released*

PyLucid v0.8.0 Release Candidate 2

The full packages includes:
- django v0.97pre (Rev.6897)
- pygments v0.9

The lite packages doesn't include the external sources.

Install Info: http://pylucid.org/_goto/107/install-PyLucid/
Update Info: http://pylucid.org/_goto/108/Update-PyLucid/

many bugfixes...

some Backwards-incompatible changes since RC1, please look at: http://pylucid.org/_goto/121/changes/... read more

Posted by Jens Diemer 2007-12-07

PyLucid v0.8.0 RC 1 *released*

PyLucid v0.8 Release Candidate 1

many bugfixes and detail improvements.

- django Rev.6626
- tinyMCE Rev.300

Note there exists fix for a security vulnerability discovered in Django's internationalization framework:
Affected versions is Django trunk prior to revision 6608

Download: http://sourceforge.net/project/platformdownload.php?group_id=146328

Posted by Jens Diemer 2007-10-29

PyLucid v0.8.0beta1 *released*

The first beta release of PyLucid v0.8 using the django framework.

This is the first version you can use, i think ;)

A copy of the django famework and Javascript HTML WYSIWYG editor are included.

Please try out...

Posted by Jens Diemer 2007-09-20

www.pylucid.org used the new v0.8-django version!

Our project homepage http://www.pylucid.org used now the new v0.8-django version!

This is a unreleased PyLucid beta version...

Some pages updated:

Posted by Jens Diemer 2007-09-18

PyLucid v0.8.0alpha3 *released*

A new dev snapshot is available:


This Package is not preinstalled!
You must go into the install section and install a Database.

This ist the last alpha Version, i think...

+implement a plugin administration
+better way to link the user password
+update the settings.py
+Update many things arount the JS-SHA-Login

Posted by Jens Diemer 2007-09-10

PyLucid v0.8.0alpha2 *released*

A new dev snapshot.

The PyLucid v0.8.0alpha2 Package is preinstalled. A local django enviroment, a preinstalled SQLite database file and a presetuped settings.py is included.

You should only run "standalone_linux.sh" or "standalone_w32.cmd" to start a local development server and test PyLucid.

Normal CMS page request:
Django admin panel:
Install section link (password is "12345678"):
http://localhost:8000/_install/... read more

Posted by Jens Diemer 2007-06-22

PyLucid v0.8.0alpha1 *released*

I have made a new Release v0.8.0alpha1!

PyLucid v0.8.0alpha1 incl. a local django.

Included a installed SQLite database file and a presetuped settings.py.

You should only run "standalone_linux.sh" or "standalone_w32.cmd"

Login Link:
_install section link:

installed user:
"12345678"... read more

Posted by Jens Diemer 2007-05-17

PyLucid v0.8preAlpha *first django release*

PyLucid using the django framework! This is the first release!

pre Alpha State!


Install/Update instruction:

Posted by Jens Diemer 2007-03-16

PyLucid v0.7.2beta1 released...

A new Version released. Many things changed.

Please try it and report feedback!

Posted by Jens Diemer 2007-02-11

PyLucid v0.7.1 stable *released*

how to install PyLucid:

Update instructions:

major changes

* new: Using the new highlighter system pygments erstwhile PyKleur (LGPL)
o Using tinyTextile inline Sourcecode (with <code=py>...<code>)
o Sourcecode-Plugin (Include local sourcecode file into your page.)
* new: RSS feed Generator Plugin
* update the local internal pages files (for easier distribution of PyLucid)
* Many Bugfixes!... read more

Posted by Jens Diemer 2006-12-08

PyLucid v0.7.1beta *released*

The last beta version of PyLucid v0.7.1

Please try it and give feedback!!!


Posted by Jens Diemer 2006-12-05

PyLucid: SVN Server...

We have a new Subversion Server and use our own trac for Bug-Reporting and Feature Requests.

Please look at:
-->>[ http://www.pylucid.net ]<<--

More Information at the official PyLucid Homepage: -->>[ http://www.pylucid.org ]<<--

Posted by Jens Diemer 2006-11-03

PyLucid v0.7.1Alpha released...

A New Alpha Version.

It's a not good tested Alpha :)

Please look at:

Posted by Jens Diemer 2006-09-25

PyLucid v0.7.0 *released*

major changes

* WSGI compatibly (using Colubrid - but not optimized)!
* new template engine jinja in place of simpleTAL
* new CSS and JS handling
* new internal page editing
* new: "List of all available Tags" when you edit a CMS page
* new: PluginDownloader (a Plugin to make you own written Plugins downloadable for other Users) (available since v0.7RC2)
* File oganisation changed
* new /_install - Section (look at InstallAccess):
o new 'low level Admin' Tools - example: 'rename all used tabelnames'
o new 'info / tests' - many SQL-Server information
* shortcut for every page. So the URLs are cleaner
* No poormanmodrewrite! I think the URLs are good enough.... read more

Posted by Jens Diemer 2006-08-31

PyLucid v0.7.0RC4 is out...

I hope that is the last RC!

* A few bugfixes in the handler files.

* list_of_new_sides updated! Now, uses a internal Page, so you must reinit the Modul!

Posted by Jens Diemer 2006-08-30

PyLucid v0.7.0RC1b is out...

v0.7 release candidate is out.

I think it is stable to use.

how to install PyLucid:

Access to the new install section:

update instructions:

Change Log:

Posted by Jens Diemer 2006-07-10