PyLucid v0.7.1 stable *released*

how to install PyLucid:

Update instructions:

major changes

* new: Using the new highlighter system pygments erstwhile PyKleur (LGPL)
o Using tinyTextile inline Sourcecode (with <code=py>...<code>)
o Sourcecode-Plugin (Include local sourcecode file into your page.)
* new: RSS feed Generator Plugin
* update the local internal pages files (for easier distribution of PyLucid)
* Many Bugfixes!

minor changes

* apply Button (when you edit a internal page, a template and a CSS)
* a link to tags/functions list when you edit a template and edit a internal page
* colored page-Messages
* better string operation error handling (render a internal page)

Note: since v0.7.1 PyLucid will not currectly run with Python 2.2.x! You need Python min v2.3!

Posted by Jens Diemer 2006-12-08