Recently, expired and went into a
domain name auction. We acquired it and, since you
own the .org version of this domain name, we
wanted to provide you with the opportunity to own the
preferred .com version.
Our company specializes in recovering preferred expiring
domains and either selling them to individuals such as
yourself or building out our own web presence on those
valuable domains.

Why would an Organization or Non-profit want the .com
version of a domain?

* .Com is the strongest brand on the internet. When people
think of a website, they intuitively think '.com'. Odds are
people trying to get to your website are inadvertently going
to because they assume that's where they
can find you.

* Owning the .com can help you protect your organization's

It may sound far fetched at first, but only a few years ago the
domain name was a site littered with
pornography. Imagine users surprise when they wanted
to find out about White House tours and end up seeing
the offensive material there. (Since then, someone else
bought the site and took down the offensive material)

The last thing you'd want to happen is for someone
to build a website at which contains
negative or even offensive content.

Please understand, I'm not saying that this WILL happen
if you don't buy the domain. Odd are that it will NOT happen.
But, if you're interested in securing your reputation I strongly
encourage you to consider buying the .com today.

If you'd like to own you can buy it
now by covering our acquisition costs and a modest profit.

If you have any interest I encourage you to act quickly
because this domain name will only be offered for sale
for a limited time.

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Please advise,

Ken Palm
tel: 563.823.4644

iTime Marketing, Inc
322 N. Main Street
Davenport, IA 52801

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