pylibnet 1.1 released!

pylibnet 1.1 is finally released!

We have some exciting news: pylibnet will compile on Mac OS/X, Debian, and other linux variants with no headaches! How sweet is that? The API has changed slightly. Any references to libnetc are now obsolete and everything can be referenced using libnet.*. Isn't that great? No more decision-making (i.e. "libnet or libnetc? hmmm..."). Packet printing has never been easier just type 'print pkt' and off you go! The SWIG wrapper has been updated to comply with SWIG 1.3 standards. The compilation problems associated with 1.0 with regards to C macro expansions have been resolved. Just download the darn thing already and give it a swing! We promise you'll love it! The only unfortunate news is that this release has not been ported to use libnet-1.1.1. That will come soon. Now go enjoy 1.1.

Posted by Nadeem Douba 2009-03-08