how to disable start popup message?


  • Anonymous

    Hi, I am interested to keep pykeylogger secret/hidden and that's not possible when there is pop up windows with message to support pykelogger when pykelogger start at system start. how to disable start popup window message?

    • Edwin

      I don't want to sound rude, but it's very easy to turn that off, so don't be a lazy guy. You just need to look in files or learn Python. I prefer learning way, so good luck :)


  • Anonymous

    ooo yeeee, today I saw that pykeylogger is forcing donation (selling without to pay taxes, hehehe) and despite it is written after 4 days trial version will be switched off, my pykeylogger worked only yesterday: one day. I tried to make it to work today but I got popup mesage, so, I deinstalled this software, it is not free version, it is trial version.

  • turb1ne247

    I know this is an old post, but for anyone wondering the same as this poor guy, my suggestion is to READ.

    Clearly stated that there are two ways to remove the nag screen. First is to pay $35. Which is generous considering programs with less features can sell up to $400. Second, remove it yourself!! it is as simple as changing "True" to "False", in the source code.