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Diff of /pyke/krb_compiler/__init__.py [9cf235] .. [f66b44] Maximize Restore

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--- a/pyke/krb_compiler/__init__.py
+++ b/pyke/krb_compiler/__init__.py
@@ -27,10 +27,6 @@
 # FIX: Take this out:
 use_test = False
-# If set, doesn't delete output files on error
-# (if we don't want to nuke a hand tweaked compiler_bc.py).
-no_nuke = False
 from pyke import knowledge_engine
@@ -141,9 +137,9 @@
         elif os.path.lexists(plan_path): os.remove(plan_path)
-        if os.path.lexists(fc_path) and not no_nuke: os.remove(fc_path)
-        if os.path.lexists(bc_path) and not no_nuke: os.remove(bc_path)
-        if os.path.lexists(plan_path) and not no_nuke: os.remove(plan_path)
+        if os.path.lexists(fc_path): os.remove(fc_path)
+        if os.path.lexists(bc_path): os.remove(bc_path)
+        if os.path.lexists(plan_path): os.remove(plan_path)
 def write_file(lines, filename):