release_1 Log

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[f00035] (7.2 kB) by mtnyogi

First cut at updating the documentation.

This should be getting close! But still needs testing and spit and polish.

2009-11-02 23:50:40 View
[73803c] (9.6 kB) by mtnyogi

Numerous changes preparing for new installation packaging.

Combined RELEASE_NOTES for all pre 1.0 and post 1.0 releases into two
different RELEASE_NOTES files.

Removed dependancy on setuptools (easy_install) from

Changed make_doc_tarball to make_doc_zip.

Removed make_examples_tarball.

Numerous changes to documentation. More needed!

2009-11-02 19:34:21 View
[f3d7de] (7.4 kB) by mtnyogi

Changed all references to svn to hg.

In documentation, cheatsheets and shell scripts.

Have not regenerated the html documents yet.

2009-10-19 16:36:15 View
[057d79] (6.5 kB) by mtnyogi

- mostly little documentation fixes.
- applied patch #2787699: hash function returns void
- did some enhancements to examples/web_framework/web_framework.tst to better
report server errors.

2009-05-14 22:12:38 View
[cc52ad] (6.3 kB) by mtnyogi

- Included a copy of ply with Pyke so that the pyke/krb_compiler/*
files won't ever have to be recompiled after installation (since the user
may not always have permission to do this).

2009-03-06 19:02:16 View
[9c1b57] (6.4 kB) by mtnyogi

- Added mention of 'engine' variable within rules to documentation to fix bug
- Made separate 'init' functions in and to make it
easier to recompile the ply * files.

2009-02-15 16:36:21 View
[6ba6c5] (6.4 kB) by mtnyogi

- Getting ready for another release.
- Documentation is updated.
- ./testall works!

2009-01-16 16:50:51 View
[a2119c] (6.4 kB) by mtnyogi

- Using last svn commit date for "Page last modified" date in
- Added uservalues -> filedate: $Id$ to all doc/source/*.txt files.

2008-10-27 19:57:42 View
[2bb500] (6.3 kB) by mtnyogi

- updated documentation to reflect the changes in lookup and prove.
- fixed the problem with ./testdocs not honoring "from __future__ import
- made sure the copyright statements for all files that have changed in 2008
include 2008 in them.
- regenerated the html documentation.

./testall passes all tests now.

2008-09-24 19:46:26 View
[daaa92] (6.3 kB) by mtnyogi

Another step further on the documentation. Starting to see light at the end
of the tunnel!

./testall works!

2008-08-20 19:03:02 View
[6212a6] (6.2 kB) by mtnyogi

doc/sources with the ".. _link: url" lines deleted (in preperation for
using add_links).

2008-08-17 01:33:13 View
[88c936] (6.6 kB) by mtnyogi

The document structure is finally taking shape! Now clean up, clean up and
more clean up... (so, nope, still not soup yet)...

2008-08-14 15:02:14 View