pre_2to3 Log

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[87e5be] (442 Bytes) by mtnyogi

Dropped all of the sub-testX scripts.

The doctest-tools testall script will work from the root source directory now
for both Python 2.5 and 2.6. But it doesn't delete all of the compiled_krb
files first.

So we're not quite done upgrading the testing yet! But there are a lot of
changes to this point, and I wanted to checkpoint everything...

2009-10-25 03:23:12 View
[31b2a6] (438 Bytes) by mtnyogi

- Fix for bug 2496575.
- Changed engine.__init__ arguments (again!).
- Refactored engine intialization logic.
- This code passes testpyke and testexamples.

2009-01-13 14:33:06 View
[fe1a23] (440 Bytes) by mtnyogi

- Looks like sqlite3 conversion is working now. The testall script passes all

2008-12-27 02:12:04 View
[eb84e0] (341 Bytes) by mtnyogi

1. Added Schema.{dia,png} to examples/sqlgen
2. Added performance testing and profiling harnesses to examples/web_framework
3. Fixed a bug in examples/web_framework where the returned document was not
placed into a singleton tuple.

2008-07-01 19:52:25 View