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 You may call the plan function any number of times.  You may even pickle
-the plan for later use.  But the plans are constructed out of
-`functools.partial`_ functions, so you need to register this with copyreg_
-before pickling the plan:
-    >>> import copyreg
-    >>> import functools
-    >>> copyreg.pickle(functools.partial,
-    ...                lambda p: (functools.partial, (p.func,) + p.args))
+the plan for later use.  The plans are constructed out of
+`functools.partial`_ functions, which had to be registered with copyreg_
+before you could pickle them in older Python releases.  But in Python3 it is
+no longer necessary to register functools.partial to be able to pickle them.
 No special code is required to unpickle a plan.  Just unpickle and call it.
 (Unpickling the plan only imports one small Pyke module to be able to run