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0.23 released

- improved algorithm for envelope computation in manufacturing simulation
- manufacturing simulation more accurate and robust
- manufacturing simulation much faster now
- manufacturing of gears with pointed tip works now
- some convergence problems fixed

Posted by Jochen 2012-04-29

0.22 released

- novel algorithm for envelope computation in manufacturing simulation
- manufacturing simulation enhanced: replaced linear interpolations for
edge-points with exact algorithm (within numerical precision)
- manufacturing simulation more precise and stable
- bug fixes

Posted by Jochen 2012-04-11

0.21 released

- removed redundancies from code
- modified to work with newer versions of pythonOCC, NumPy and SciPy
- removed trochoidal root shape generation as it was not correct for helical gears
--> use hobbing simulation for exact root fillet shape instead

Posted by Jochen 2011-12-04

0.20 released

- gear hobbing simulation --> exact geometry (external gears only)
- multi-step manufacturing by defnition of blank
- new classes:

Posted by Jochen 2011-07-31

0.14 released

- tooth thickness allowance
- addendum allowance
- acceptance backlash
- tip chamfer enhancements
- bug fixes
- renamed classes:
"SpurGearWheel" --> "CylindricalGearWheel"
"SpurGearPair" --> "CylindricalGearPair"

Posted by Jochen 2011-05-30

pyGear Roadmap

The following features are planned for the next releases:

- tooth thickness allowance
- tip chamfer enhancements

- geometry generation by hobbing simulation (optional) with standard rack tools (incl. protuberance)

- standard flank modifications and consideration in 3D-geometry

- graphical user-interface
- mesh stiffness calculation
- load-bearing capacity calculation
- bevel gears
- other gears (worm, hypoid, beveloid a.o.)... read more

Posted by Jochen 2011-05-28

0.13 Pre-Release

new features:
- tooth thickness allowance considered
- tip chamfer consists optionally of several points (instead of just two) in tooth form coordinates
- some bug fixes

Posted by Jochen 2011-05-28