On 3/26/07, Alexander Eisenhuth <stacom@stacom-software.de> wrote:
> In any case we should seperater gui and logic,  but i would prefere MVC. With
> little changes on the boa code we could reach that. (BOA code is the view)

Fine with me.

> >
> > 2. I attached the screenshot I made at home( Ubuntu linux , laptop), as
> > you can see I am not able to see the whole window. May be we should not
> > use "fixed" width, but some geometry manager?
> Yes, there is already a geometry management for the x-direction.(and I'll
> enhance it) The y layout is static for the left side.


> >
> > 3. I think we can move buttons to the menu ( Build ) and may be to the
> > tool bar.
> >
> > 4. Py++ GUI looks like it looks, because I don't know Tkinter and did
> > not have time to learn it. If you have some ideas how to rearrange it
> > you are welcome to implement them.
> Ok, that's for me a question where will we heading to?
> As I searched for my project for language binding I had to decided between swig
> and boost.python (BP). My API was small and I liked the approach of BP. As I
> found Py++ I was glad of the GUI, because it showed me very fast the BP code to
> different "expose questions".
> So your solution of the GUI is a very intuitive one and for the use case of
> BP-Code generation enough. So why hide it in the menue? It's good. For the UC of
> project management the menue of my proposed solution is very common to users.

Thank you. I though my GUI was ugly, but if you say it was intuitive and helpful
than I am not going to argue with you.

> But if you feel, that the Py++ GUI is only at the beginning (I can't oversee
> that), and you have ideas what are the next steps, then let's discuss it. As I
> told already my time until August is very limited. So my preview was something I
> can oversee to implement. But if we find a serious radmap for the GUI I'm also
> willing to spent more time on the GUI. (maybe later)

My dream is to build full feature IDE.

On top you have menu item with regular functionality:
    File: open, close project
    Edit: project settings
    Build: compile( == create xml ), generate code, generate Py++ code( optionally )
On the left side you have declarations tree, with "filter" functionality. I'd like user to be able to evaluate any python expression or just select one of the predefined filters.

On the right side you have notetab, with few tabs:
  1. the first one shows the selected declarations properties and provide ability to modify them. Python reflection could be useful here. This also will display documentation.
  2. XML
  3. Generated code

At the bottom you have errors, warnings and statistics information.

I think such IDE should give a user all tools he need to handle small-medium projects.

Alexander this is a fuuuuuuuuutere project. Right now I don't have time for it. This is definitely not a few weeks project. I prefer we add the functionality you propose. When and "if" I will work on the IDE I will do this using different code base.

P.S. I subscribed the pygccxml mailing list too.

Roman Yakovenko
C++ Python language binding