#6 Exclude all uses of a class automatically

Paul E.C. Melis

Currently, excluding a class with exclude() does not cause any uses of that class (like in method parameters or as return value) to be excluded. This could be a useful addition, as it would allow excluding all traces of a certain class (or even other kinds of elements).

Below is an excerpt of a post on pygccxml-development of 29/10/08 posted by Roman leading up to this request:
>> >>You mean you have class A{}; and some function f( A& ) and excluding
>> >> A, doesn't exclude f, right?
>> >>
>> >> If so, Py++ doesn't do it for performance\memory reasons.
>> >>
>> >> Now, when I think about it, it should be easy to add to the class_t
>> >> new function - "exclude_me_and_references_to_me" ( better name is
>> >> needed ) which will does exactly what you want. We can use
>> >> "i_depend_on_them" functionality.
>> >>
> >
> > It would be a nice addition to give users a choice of how exclusion of a
> > class is treated. The current option is simply excluding only the wrapper
> > for the class, but another variant would then be to exclude the class and
> > all its uses.

I can do this. Please open the ticket on SourceForge.