#3 Import and Export Excel Comments



I wondered if you'd though of extending functionality
with the ability to import and export comments?

Thanks for all your hard work - great module!

- Stuart


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    And obviously a method to write comments in worksheet.

  • Glenn Washburn
    Glenn Washburn

    What are excel comments? I don't see any reference to a comment object in the file format reverse engineered spec that Open Office puts out.

  • James Webber
    James Webber

    As the original poster is probably long gone: in Excel you can right-click on a cell and add a comment--it's a pop-up text-box, kind of like a tool-tip. You can even do funky things like set the background of the comment with a texture or image--you can even use a custom image which gets embedded in the .xls file somehow.

    I'd also like to see this as a feature--our software embeds images of graphs as comments in the output file, which users seem to think is pretty snazzy, but we have to use COM to do it, and it's impossible to get them out again (which means that our files are write-only in some ways, quite a pain). But it's a fairly obscure little bit of Excel, not really something they intended.

    xlwt/xlrd (who claim this project is dead, by the way) haven't implemented this either, as hardly anyone wants it. But a few people do!