C Integrators on OS X 10.8

  • Hello,

    Has anybody been successful getting C integrators (Radau, Dopri) to work on OS X 10.8?

    When I run one of the tests (dopri_event_test.py), the traceback indicates that the error originates with the method:

    compileLib(self, libsources, libdirs)

    included in Dopri_ODEsystem module. I'm assuming this has to do with the 64-bit incompatibility?

    My scipy package was installed with Homebrew, rather than the recommended Fink. Is this the only explanation? And if so, why? I guess I'm reluctant to resort to Fink unless there are no other options. Has anybody overcome these issues?

  • Drew LaMar
    Drew LaMar

    I've been using PyDSTool on OS X 10.8, and also have trouble getting Radau or Dopri to work.  The AUTO version (continuation of periodic orbits) of PyCont had some of the same issues, and I was able to modify that code so that it compiles on OS X 10.8.  It was a nontrivial fix.  I was thinking at some point of looking at the Radau and Dopri code to try something similar, I just haven't gotten around to it.  It's on my list!

    - Drew

  • Hi Drew,

    What modifications did you make to PyCont to get it working on OS X 10.8? Any luck with Radau or Dopri?

    Unfortunately, event detection is prohibitively slow with the scipy VODE integrator. The C integrators use a much more efficient algorithm for event detection, one based on interpolation rather than time-step refinement.