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Happy Barcode Day

... on the 57th anniversary of the first bar code patent.

Posted by simon wood 2009-10-07

SVN fixes and support for reading from file

The SVN tree now has support for reading the image from file ('-F' paramter), which is the first stage of implementing a 'control' windows to allow fine tuning/optimization of libdmtx paramters.

There are also multiple fixes related to libv4l capture, which (should) allow capture from pretty much any webcam regardless of supported formats. Specify 'RGB3' pixelformat on the command line and libv4l will auto-magically convert the camera feed to that format.

Posted by simon wood 2009-08-19

pyDataMatrix Scanner: Public release of code

The pyDataMatrixScanner is pleased to release it's first public release of code. This application captures video from a V4L2 webcam, and locates/decodes any DataMatrix barcodes in the image.

Written in python, it uses pyGTK for display and the libdmtx libraries to decode the DataMatrix barcodes.

Initially this application is intended for scanning barcodes on conference badges, but is adaptable for other uses. Using command line parameters you can enable/disable gui and pass decoded barcode text to the foreground application using pythonVirtKey.... read more

Posted by simon wood 2009-08-06