Pydev 1.5.4 Released

Pydev 1.5.4 has been released

Details on Pydev:
Details on its development:

Release Highlights:

* Actions:
o Go to matching bracket (Ctrl + Shift + P)
o Copy the qualified name of the current context to the clipboard.
o Ctrl + Shift + T keybinding is resolved to show globals in any context (note: a conflict may occur if JDT is present -- it can be fixed at the keys preferences if wanted).
o Ctrl + 2 shows a dialog with the list of available options.
o Wrap paragraph is available in the source menu.
o Globals browser will start with the current word if no selection is available (if possible).
* Templates:
o Scripting engine can be used to add template variables to Pydev.
o New template variables for next, previous class or method, current module, etc.
o New templates for super and super_raw.
o print is now aware of Python 3.x or 2.x
* Code analysis and code completion:
o Fixed problem when getting builtins with multiple Python interpreters configured.
o If there's a hasattr(obj, 'attr), 'attr' will be considered in the code completion and code analysis.
o Fixed issue where analysis was only done once when set to only analyze open editor.
o Proper namespace leakage semantic in list comprehension.
o Better calltips in IronPython.
o Support for code-completion in Mac OS (interpreter was crashing if _CF was not imported in the main thread).
* Grammar:
o Fixed issues with 'with' being used as name or keyword in 2.5.
o Fixed error when using nested list comprehension.
o Proper 'as' and 'with' handling in 2.4 and 2.5.
o 'with' statement accepts multiple items in python 3.0.
* Improved hover:
o Showing the actual contents of method or class when hovering.
o Link to the definition of the token being hovered (if class or method).
* Others:
o Completions for [{( are no longer duplicated when on block mode.
o String substitution can now be configured in the interpreter.
o Fixed synchronization issue that could make Pydev halt.
o Fixed problem when editing with collapsed code.
o Import wasn't found for auto-import location if it import started with 'import' (worked with 'from')
o Fixed interactive console problem with help() function in Python 3.1
o NullPointerException fix in compare editor.

What is PyDev?

PyDev is a plugin that enables users to use Eclipse for Python, Jython and IronPython development -- making Eclipse a first class Python IDE -- It comes with many goodies such as code completion, syntax highlighting, syntax analysis, refactor, debug and many others.


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Pydev - Python Development Environment for Eclipse

Posted by Fabio Zadrozny 2010-01-19