Pydev Release 1.4.5

Pydev Release: 1.4.5

* Better error handling in the grammar
* Code Formatter
o Can be applied from context menu (recursively applied for folders)
o Can trim whitespaces from the end of the lines
o Can add new a line to the end of the file
o Can automatically apply code-formatting on save
o Fixed issues with unary operators and exponential
o Fixed issues where parenthesis was lost if no closing parenthesis was available
* Python 3.0
o Parser supporting unicode identifiers
o Star expr recognized
* Python 3.1 version acknowledged (and proper grammar used)
* Pydev package explorer
o Can show working sets as top-level elements
o Folders without are no longer shown as packages
* Interactive console
o When waiting for user input, the prompt is not shown
o Console initial commands compatible with Python 3.0
o Timeout for starting console communication while the shell is not fully initilized
o More info is available if connection fails
* Alt+R working (mnemonics set for pydev contributed menus)
* With Ctrl+2, matches will no longer take into acount the case
* Code completion: Can get args from docstring when '*' is present
* Better heuristics for automatic insertion of "self" and "import"
* Fixed problem configuring external jars and zip files
* Launch getting interpreter from project on default config
* After a parenthesis, 'n' indentation levels may be applied (patch by Radim Kubacki)
* .pyc files are now marked as derived (note that this will only happen when they're changed)
* Fixed debugger issue with Jython 2.5b3
* Jython: completions working for static members access
* Hover works on Eclipse 3.2

Posted by Fabio Zadrozny 2009-04-12