Pydev: Release 1.3.16

Python Development Environment (Python IDE plugin for Eclipse). Features editor, code completion, refactoring, outline view, debugger, and other goodies - check\)

Pydev Release: 1.3.16

Major Highlights

* Interactive console: help() works
* Interactive console: context information showing in completions
* Interactive console: backspace will also delete the selected text
* Interactive console: ESC does not close the console when in floating mode anymore
* Code completion: calltips context info correctly made 'bold'
* Code completion: variables starting with '_' do not come in import *
* Code completion: can be requested for external files (containing system info)
* Code completion: fixed recursion condition
* Code completion: egg file distributed with dll that has a source module with the same name only with a __bootstrap__ method now loads the dll instead of the source module (e.g.: numpy egg)
* Debugger: Step over/Step return can now execute with untraced frames (much faster)
* Debugger: Problem when handling thread that had no context traced and was directly removed.
* Launching: F9 will reuse an existing launch instead of creating a new one every time
* Launching: The default launch with Ctrl+F11 will not ask again for the launch associated with a file (for new launches -- old launches should be deleted)
* Project Explorer: fixed integration problems with CDT (and others)
* Launch: console encoding passed as environment variable (no longer written to the install location)
* More templates for "surround with" (Ctrl+1)
* Previous/next method could match 'class' and 'def' on invalid location
* Outline: Assign with multiple targets is recognized
* Bug fix for pydev package explorer when refreshed element parent was null

Posted by Fabio Zadrozny 2008-05-12