I would like to be able to send ctrl+c to the interactive console and want it to throw a KeyboardInterrupt exception on the currently running Python code, like it does in Python's default interpreter. Right now, the only option is to terminate the console by pressing the red button. 

I checked out the code and will soon start trying to work on it, but I have zero experience with eclipse programming. I thought I would ask which one would be easier: to catch a hotkey, to put an icon on the console's toolbar, or to put a context menu entry. I'd appreciate any input to get me started in the right direction. 

One other thing: in com.python.pydev.interactiveconsole.EvaluateActionSetter, before onCreateActions, the comment reads: "This method associates Ctrl+new line with the evaluation of commands in the console.". Does that mean pressing ctrl+enter in the python editor is supposed to send the current line to the console? If so, that would be awesome. However when I press ctrl+enter that's not happening.