On 7/5/06, Shahbaz A. Tyagi <satyagi74@yahoo.co.in> wrote:

I have developed my own script pluin where I am running jython and python scripts. For this I have extended PyEdit class in my main editor class. I am able to run python/jython scripts successfully. The prob is coming in while writing the script. On "ctrl+Space", it shows me only locally defined members or kewwords, not other than these. 
For example... 
If I write "java." and then presses "Ctrl+Space", nothing comes up... 
Also I want to know that my outline view is not coming, how can I get that. 

Some questions:

1. if you do a code-completion in an empty file, does it bring the builtins
2. if you do code-completion in a file only with 'import j' |Ctrl+Space does it show 'java'?