Hi Matthew & Toby,

I'm forwarding this to the pydev-users list because I think that others may be able to take advantage of this answer...

Pydev currently does no exception-handling, however, you can add your own if you want to do so by changing the sys.__excepthook__


def myHook(*args, **kwargs):
sys._original_excepthook(*args, **kwargs)

sys._original_excepthook = sys.__excepthook__
sys.__excepthook__ = myHook

And then you can put a breakpoint in the 'sys._original_excepthook(*args, **kwargs)' line, so that whenever you have an unhandled exception it will stop there. An implementation of exception-handling in the debugger is planned, but it is still not implemented, so, you can add your own in this way.



On 5/28/06, Tan, Tobias <tobtan@csu.edu.au> wrote:
Dear Fabio,
when the debug terminates because of an error, why do we not see any stack variables. this makes it almost impossible to debug. also, our watched variables report no values as well.
Matthew & Toby