Well, actually, now that you mentioned it, maybe just putting:

True, False = 1,0

in the start of the script would be enough...



On 4/24/06, Don & Sue - pilger@canada.com <pilger@canada.com > wrote:
Fabio Zadrozny wrote:

> Actually, I think that putting the True/False to be recognized as
> globals in the preferences would be better...


By this I think that you mean:

Window -> Preferences -> Pydev Extensions -> Undefined

and then in "Consider the following names as globals: ":
"_, True, False"

This certainly works but unless Pydev extensions makes this the default
setting you are depending upon everybody updating this entry if they
want to get rid of these error messages.  Then, if they happen to be
using Python 2.3 which does not define True and False, Pydev extensions
would miss genuinely undefined True/False.

Not a big deal, I suppose, but what do you think of using:

     True, False #@UndefinedVariable
except NameError:
     (True, False) = (1, 0)


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