What does mean "installed in the site package" in :
"NOTE: Pylint is disabled by default, so, if you want to activate it, you should go to the pylint preferences page, specify its location (it MUST be installed in the site-packages) and activate it (note: after activating it, you can clean your project on the project menu so that the files are checked with pylint, or you can do it on deltas as you go and change your files). "

Thanks for any help.

2008/7/22 Heikki Toivonen <hjtoi@comcast.net>:
Marcelo de Sena Lacerda wrote:
> Hi, I'm new to pydev and to CVS and still, I want to help. I have seen
> that pydev do not have warning messages for variables that are never
> read locally. Well, right now that all I think its missing.

I think the functionality you are looking for is provided by the
optional pylint integration. Install pylint, then look at Pydev > pylint
preferences in Eclipse.

 Heikki Toivonen

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