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When I hit F3 to bring up a function edit, PyDev claims it cannot find the source if the function has a symbolic link in the path.  Everything else works perfectly as it should, yet F3 claims the resource does not exist.

I can get it to work by using a File >> New >> Folder and making a pseudo-link through that, but that has its own problems since it does not create a symbolic link in the file system.  So, to get manual tests to work, I have to create the symbolic link as well.  The problem with doing so is that when I try to debug, PyDev complains that I have two copies of the function in the workspace and for every F5, F6, or F8 I hit, I have to chose the non-linked one, a real PITA.

Looks like I just reported two bugs here.  Should I file them, or is there a workaround I should try first?
Just a followup, the problem appears to be only if the initial directory is a symbolic link, like so,

Trying this again... here's the setup that breaks:

If I change it to:


it works just fine.  I suspect that the code is looking for a file or a directory and failing to resolve the symbolic link as it should.