rt.jar is in the system PYTHONPATH. But that is there in the "Program Files", which contains spaces. Where I can make modifications so that it should take that path as a whole? As I am developing this as a product so I should not tell user to choose the installtion path, which does not cantain spaces.

Fabio Zadrozny <fabiofz@gmail.com> wrote:

On 7/5/06, Shahbaz A. Tyagi <satyagi74@yahoo.co.in> wrote:
1. In this case it only gives me basic kewwords like if, for, import, and, assert etc.
2. No it does not show java

In your config: window > preference > Interpreter Jython is the rt.jar in your system pythonpath? In some platforms having spaces in the Eclipse install location might make that configuration not work correctly (putting Eclipse in a dir without spaces should help there).

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