Fabio Zadrozny wrote:
> Waiting forward to see it... :-)
> p.s. I'm also forwarding it to the pydev mailing list

I was thinking parentheses auto-completion in the context of tuples.  The Java Eclipse editor will remove empty parentheses if your cursor is between them and you hit backspace. i.e.,

          ^ cursor in between the parentheses, and you hit backspace

...you will get...


It's just one of those niceties that the Java editor gives you.  However, in Python, () is an empty tuple, and [] is an empty list.

So what does everyone think would be the best way to approach this?  I see three ways so far (there's probably more).

1. Like the Java editor, always delete the two parentheses if you have the cursor between them.
2. Never delete the two parentheses.  Just delete the left parenthesis (current, simple behavior).
3. Sometimes delete the two parentheses, based on the context.  I'm not sure what kind of algorithm we could employ here because I couldn't think of an example where I _wouldn't_ want the editor to delete both parentheses for me.

(1) is easiest to implement and I think I prefer it, so if I get the go ahead I'll code that up.