#551 A few interactive shell suggestions.



I saw a few tickets suggesting this - but most were either closed or over 2 years old, so I figured I'd resubmit it with some suggestions.

It would be good to give the user the option of specifying what interactive python shell they want to use within pydev (IDLE, iPython, PyLab) and to have a more functional cut & paste mode between the shell and the code. iPython in particular is very convenient since it has the option of drawing figures on the fly without halting the execution of the program (if run with the --pylab switch).

Second - a better history mode for what you type in the shell.
Perhaps, a /logging command that pasted everything you wrote into a new python file, which you could later open /edit? Similar to what iPython offers really.

Third - and this one is kind of tricky, a way of pasting indented python code into the shell without having to manually remove all the extra tabs. For example:

for each in a:
for each in b:

There is no real way to copy/paste the second bit if you want to check the inner loop without some tedius fixing. This is just a minor quality of life adjustment of course.

A way to bring up the shell in the middle of a debug session with the variables currently in their state would be amazing - this last one sounds very difficult to implement though!

Thanks a lot for the great work on Pydev Fabio.