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optirun python

  • Joost Rekveld
    Joost Rekveld


    I am trying out things with Bumblebee and Ironhide on Linux; both ways to specify which programmes to run on the fast graphic cards in hybrid graphics systems.
    How that works is that if I run this in the terminal:
    optirun glxgears
    this will run the programme glxgears on the fast card,
    but if i run
    it will run on the slow graphics card as that is the standard behaviour.

    Now how can I run my python code in Pydev with ´optirun´ as a prefix ?
    In the run configurations I can not find a way to prepend ´optirun´ to the call to the interpreter
    I tried making a shell script that calls optirun /usr/bin/python2.6 and passes all parameters, but PyDev is not that easily fooled and complains that the interpreter in question is already configured.

    How can I achieve this in another way ?

    kind regards,