Pydev Package Explorer

  • Hannes Mueller
    Hannes Mueller


    I continue to have problems with the pydev package explorer. The .pyc files always show up (especially in conjunction with Mylar context switches), although the filter is set correctly. It works again after I unset the filter and activate it again, but it is beginning to go on my nerve.

    I noticed also a strange behaviour when the Mylar Context filter is active: when I use Alt-Click to show the hidden items to open another file, some of the already open files lost their landmark status and were removed from the explorer and another file (a unused one) took its place (but only in the label, when I clicked it it opened the correct file)

    Is it just me or do others have this problem too?


    • Fabio Zadrozny
      Fabio Zadrozny

      Please open a bug report for that... for some reason, when disabling the mylar filter for the task context, it seems that it doesn't go back to the correct filtering options (I've to take a better look on that to discover why that happens).