Hi, I'm running PyDev 2.2.2 in Aptana Studio 3.06 on Mac OS X 10.7. I would like the working directory to always be the directory of the active file. I can set the project path and run Python Run fine this way. This works quite well.

I cannot seem to change the working directory for the interactive console, however. No matter what I specify for the working directory in the Run config, the working directory for the interactive console when I use CMD+ALT+ENTER is "'/Applications/Aptana Studio 3/AptanaStudio3.app/Contents/MacOS.' I want it to be the directory in which the execfile is located. I did this that way when I was running PyDev on Windows 7 in Eclipse.

I saw an earlier post about adding a few lines of code to the Interactive Console preferences window to change the directory, but that didn't seem to help. How would I specify the directory of the execfile?

Many thanks.